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Freddy Hefner – Goodluck II (@FREDDHEADS)

22 year-old Freddy Hefner comes by way of LA, CA. She refers to herself as a “Strapper” (singer/ songwriter turned rapper). We don’t if the term will catch on but we do like a few off her latest, Goodluck II.

She’s sexy… and talks that freak-nasty. Cool with us! Enjoy our favorites from the new mixtape.

You can download the full mixtape here.


Rick Ross – Sanctified ft Big Sean & Kanye West

This one by Ricky, Sean & Yeezy is definitely going to be a favorite on your playlist.

We usually don’t post the “mainstream” on WhatsTheMove. I mean.. artists like Rozay, Big Sean & ‘Ye already have plenty of promo behind them. But this track.. well this track is a great one so we had to go against the grain (and go with with flow).

Because of the Sunday-afternoon-high-in-the-spirit sample, we gave you all the clean version. Enjoy.

Get Mastermind on iTunes.

Album Stream | Mya – With Love EP (@MISSMYA)

We’ve been fans of Mya since been fans of Mya. Yup. Ever since the “Movin’ On” days.

This EP is some great work from Ms. Harrison. From the first track, “Space”, which is a smooth Sade-like vibe, to the last, “Do It”, with the screwed voice and sexy subject matter, we’re definitely recommending these 4 tracks to the R&B-heads of the world. Get it on iTunes here.


Album Stream | Eric Bellinger – The Rebirth (@EricBellinger)

Our thoughts on The Rebirth: we’ve said it once & we’re saying it again… Eric Bellinger does not make a bad song.

The Rebirth is a two “disc” release (quotations because few get an actual disc nowadays) from the writer/producer/singer that we’ve grown to be huge fans of.

This is a great project from front to back with features from Tank, Joe Budden, Kid Ink, Sage the Gemini, Too Short, Ty Dolla Sign, Jon B. (right, Jon B. though? Good song too btw.) & more. There are a few re-releases on this one and I still let each of those play all the way through.

Get it on itunes here. Enjoy.

Disc One

Disc Two


Video | @IAmMrAC – Dolly Parton/AC Ford

AC drops a  preview to “The Blackout”

By way of LA, AC has a smooth, laid-back flow (and not-to-mention: a Ninja Turtles onesie). We’ve seen him make a few appearances on the screen with names like Tyler Perry and imagine seeing/hearing more of him as the release date to The Blackout draws near.